Sparks Were Flying (Almost Constantly…)

Took the DS out as a favor to an old colleague yesterday. I figured it would be fun to drive the newlyweds from the ceremony to the party.

Spent over nine hours over a few nights leading up to this to get the interior door panels and dashboard cleaned up, and another hour or so cleaning the exterior. Here’s a few shots from the cleaning frenzy…

And here’s a few shots from the actual wedding drive.

Since the couple met at work they wanted this slightly unconventional shot outside the gates of the Högdalen powerplant.

I managed to park in the much needed shade and snap this very 70’ish-looking industrial shot. The DS really benefits from a slight telephoto lens, as an iPhone camera doesn’t paint her in the most flattering proportions, really…

The “Almost” in the title refers to the slight glitches in the ignition or fuel system that occurred just as we were driving off from the church. Managed to stop and jiggle and reseat a few ignition wires while they were being photographed, but this will require me to dig deeper to find the cause. I had experienced it for the first time the previous day, which caused me to fit a fuel filter between the fuel pump and the carburator, but sadly that didn’t help… Photos of the fitted fuel filter won’t be posted until I can replace the ugly, modern clamps with time-coreect Ligarex or Mirex fasteners.

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